Incubate new companies

ACCOventures teams up with talented Entrepreneurs to identify and test new business opportunities. When test results reveal a strong revenue potential, we move the startup to the ACCO Accelerator and organise a round of seed-funding.


Accelerate promising startups

The ACCO Accelerator is a 12-month programme that accelerates and scales startups through

  • Continuous mentorship for key functions (product development & innovation, marketing, operations, management & leadership)
  • Shared working space with other startups and mentors
  • Professional services for support functions (HR, legal, accounting, tech, digital marketing)

Startups that successfully complete the programme are then helped for the Series A funding round.


Invest for equity

ACCOventures invests for equity

  • in every startup that is incubated
  • in every company that joins the ACCO Accelerator programme
  • in startups from proven entrepreneurs at seed stage

Investments are made by ACCO Venture Capital (Pty) Ltd, a licensed financial services provider (FSP 50146), registered with SARS as a Venture Capital Company in terms of Section 12J of the Income Tax Act.